Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire
On Show 2020
Adam Butler

This project’s objective was to see if different Integration and Interactivity methods affected the compositional process and what those effects were. Integration methods are ways to create music that was not interactive and can be imported into video games effectively. Interactivity methods are ways to create music that can be changed depending on in-game scenarios or player input. Most information about these methods discussed how to perform them but don’t talk about how they changed a composer’s process of making music. The approach was researching and using six Integration and Interactivity methods to create music for a single game. Different music pieces were created from scratch for each method for the main part of the game, and again for the boss fight. The methods used for this project were Uninformed Linear, Informed Linear, Vertical Layering, Horizontal Resequencing, Procedural, and Aleatoric more

The results showed that each method significantly and uniquely affected the compositional process in ways such as creating the music to be loopable, using different techniques to hide the loop, reducing melody complexity, untraditional song structure, and creating music to be changed and developed through integration software. These results not only provided information for composers on the effects of each method on the compositional process but also areas that these methods could be used in, which was the most useful, and what was the most creative