Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire
On Show 2020
Olivia Gangnus

Plants have been known to benefit people in many different ways for centuries. Nasa conducted an experiment on air purifying plants in 1989, proving that plants can remove toxins from the air including benzenes and formaldehyde which come from everyday substances such as detergents and paints. These toxins can cause adverse health effects like dizziness and headaches. The simple solution is to bring plants into your home, but not all plants may suit you or your lifestyle. Those with hay fever or other allergies may need something different to someone suffering from stress and anxiety. PlantPal is the solution to this. By answering simple health and lifestyle questions on a mobile app, PlantPal can match you to the perfect houseplant. The app also allows you to purchase the plant, or plants, while supporting you to care for them with watering reminders and our unique plant care-doc. PlantPal is a seamless experience within the digital landscape, working across a mobile app, website and social media channels.
Olivia is interested in visual identity and branding, illustration and UX/UI design. Dissertation Title: David vs Goliath: The Rise of the Irish Craft Beer Movement