Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire
On Show 2020
Beren McCormack

The Comedian follows a washed-up Comedian who strives to achieve new vigour in his life. He is completely fixated on the image of his long-lost youth and struggles to capture the same energy he held as a young performer. Animation was all executed digitally through T.V. Paint. The final look of the film utilises a mixture of physical and digital media. The Backgrounds and textures used on the Comedian’s cloak were all originally physical masking tape sculptures highlighted by water-soluble graphite washes. Final compositing of the film was done through Adobe After Effects, some of the edits at this stage included the addition of light/ shadow highlights and additional lighting/ camera effects to increase the congruence between the flat 2d animation and the more textured background and boil effects provided by the physical work used. Additional Compositing work was done through Adobe Premier Pro. Sound design was created and recorded by 2nd Year and fellow Animation BA student Henry Downes.