Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire
On Show 2020
Grace Cautley

The ways in which people interact with companies and organisations has changed and is continuing to change, many of these interactions have moved to an online setting where users cannot ask questions or get clarification although making accessing services online makes activities such as shopping a lot easier, it does create challenges. This thesis explores user experience and usability specifically concerning forms as this is the main way users interact with companies and organisations online. Two forms were made, one created using React and Bootstrap React and the other created using a MERN stack (Mongo, Express, React, Node) and Material UI with Bootstrap React. The React app was a recreation of a current home insurance form that was not well designed based on web form design and user experience research, the form was then user tested and the results analysed and based on the research and results, a better more user friendly design was made with the MERN stack and user tested.