Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire
On Show 2020
Chloe O’ Neill

The idea is to inform the TV presenter that the segment is going to end using an RGB LED strip which will be programmed to switch to different colours depending on how many seconds are left on air with the addition of an external device which can immediately trigger the LED strip device if the schedule immediately changes. This project consists of using an RGB LED strip that can attach to any autocue/ TV camera to produce ambient lighting following in a traffic light system order. The Visual Timing Aid will count down from 30 seconds once triggered, producing a green light when there is 30 seconds left on air, yellow when there is 15 seconds left and red when there is 10-5 seconds left. The device will be programmed to countdown in real-time. The device will feature button control by the PA in the studio gallery using an external device that is wirelessly connected to the VTA in studio. This device works by programming both devices via Arduino Wi-Fi Rev 2’s which will connect via a Wi-Fi network together to work when both in different locations. The VTA will follow the running order from the Q-Master software with the option of button control. This project also includes a potentiometer to manually adjust the system’s brightness if required. The purpose of this is to aid both the TV presenter and floor manager for efficient live TV broadcasting whilst providing the PA/ director control over the system if broadcast schedule changes abruptly.