Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire
On Show 2020
Étáin Nash

I am a final year directing major and sound minor. I am the director of 2020 graduation film Sisters. “In 1970s Ireland, teenager Meabh does whatever it takes to shelter her younger sisters from the harsh reality of their Catholic children’s home.” Sisters tells an emotional story of sisterly love and sacrifice in the harsh reality of an abusive church institution. It is inspired by true stories of religious institutions during the mid to late 20th century. The abuse of the church and state shouldn’t be forgotten. I wanted to explore this vital part of Irish history in the beautiful and heartfelt moments of these sisters in a way that universal audiences can connect with.

I draw inspiration for a lot of my work from my own experiences and the stories of the people around me. I also adore coming-of-age cinema and studied sisterhood in coming-of-age for my dissertation. My previous work includes Upholding Grace (2019) which was shortlisted in the Cinemagic Young Filmmakers competition 2019 and selected for Fastnet Film Festival. I have also worked as a production trainee on Float Like a Butterfly (2018) and Horizon Line (2020).