Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire
On Show 2020
Jack Reid

These photographs that are presented should be read together in pairs. For example, look at one photograph and create a mental image of that photograph. While maintain that mental image look at the other photograph. This is the process of creating Mental Artefacts. Mental Artefacts creates non representable images and bring forth question concerning the nature of composition and colour theory. Due to the reality of maintaining a mental image and perceiving a photograph this reality cannot exist in this physical reality. Throughout this project I’ve used archival images, which represent memory. Images taken by myself to represent the world around us, pornographic images to represent intrusive thoughts. Surreal imagery to represent the imagination. This project is about my stream of consciousness. The process of creating Mental Artefacts also leads to the illusion of consciousness, for an example, a photograph from the represented imagination should be remembered as a mental image while looking at an image that represents the perceived world. I have chosen to use different genres of photographs to illustrate my stream of consciousness in an attempt to articulate my stream of consciousness in the most accurate way.