Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire
On Show 2020
Ryan Jeffares

The aim of the project was to investigate how a theme could be expressed through interactivity using Csound. This is done through an interactive audiovisual installation piece, and the theme chosen was juvenoia – the fear or hostility directed by an older generation toward a younger one, or toward youth culture in general.

This was a collaborative project with Rhys Mayes, and originally we wanted to make one large installation. This was to have an old fashioned sitting room aesthetic, representing older generations, and computer music generated by Csound code representing young. Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, this collaboration became impossible after mid-march, so we decided to each produce a smaller installation, individually building upon the code base and work that had been completed collaboratively. The aesthetics of Rhys’ installation still represent older generations, while the aesthetics of mine represent young. My installation is influenced by a CCTV control room, mirroring the increase in surveillance in the modern world more

The audio is inspired by theme overall. The theme of juvenoia mainly implies contrast. The interaction between the computer and the environment, and the user and the computer, symbolises bridging the gap between generations.

Sensor interaction through pots, switches, an LDR, and a proximity sensor implemented into the installation is processed by an Arduino and sent into Csound over serial where it generates and influences music, most of which is generated algorithmically or at random. Information is sent into Pure Data over MIDI to influence visuals as well, for multi sensual feedback from user interaction