Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire
On Show 2020
Julia Quinn

During the last two years of my undergraduate degree I have taken ample interest in the photographic representation of homelessness, however, throughout my research on the subject I have discovered a vast lack of visual representation of the homeless community in its entirety. Instead, photographers oftentimes focus their lens singularly on the rough sleeping homeless, creating a gap in representation and leaving an inaccurate and unrelatable impression of those most vulnerable in our society.
In an attempt to visualize the homeless reality without the use of exploitation I have created this body of work which is aptly titled – There is no place like home – a collection of images which capture the essence of the monotonous, often taken-for-granted details relative to an everyday family home. The intention of the work is to stimulate the realization of the uncompromising impact that would take effect upon the loss of ones ‘home’.