Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire
On Show 2020
Rachel McGill

Rachel McGill is a directing major at the National Film School. Her graduate film was created during the current lockdown and she took inspiration from the circumstances surrounding her when creating “Stay Home”.

In the grid-locked confines of a global pandemic, David is faced with tackling the monotony of a humdrum routine within the confines of his home – but when his wife Moya’s health begins to deteriorate, The fear and isolation prove too much for him.

From a young age, I always felt something linked the films or projects I’ve been lucky enough to create. It’s not just my involvement in them but the key ideas and images showcase a very unique take on the world. Most, if not all of my films shed a light on themes such as childhood, death, loss of innocence and social tension. I also look at the world with a sense of fantasy and insanity to represent the world in a perplexed state of mind.

I feel the repetition of these themes and styles come from a wealth of personal experience that I can draw on and express sincerely. I feel my direction and storytelling will always focus heavily on what I can do justice for. This will definitely influence how I brand myself as a director going forward. I feel it is extremely important that I stay true to what I know and what makes my work original.