Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire
On Show 2020
Amy Downes

My work takes form primarily through photography, digital photography being my preferred way to work. I prefer to work digital as I enjoy the process of being able to edit and photoshop my images the way I would like.

My work stems from my interest and fascination in trying to capture and express the complexities of our inner self and states of minds. I find our minds to be fascinating as our minds can sometimes be our own worst enemy and within my work I am interested in conveying and exploring the struggles mentally we can find ourselves in. The subject of interest within my work tends to be on the human form, my images being portraits of a human face and body which is always left intentionally anonymous so as to leave it open to the viewer. The human form is one of fascination for me and with my work’s subject matter I believe it is one that gives relatability and familiarity to the viewer.

Dislocate, is my most recent photography series working with out of focus photography this series focus was on exploring the feeling of a disconnect from oneself.