Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire
On Show 2020
Sadhbh Murphy

Many illnesses and leading causes of death can be reversed or prevented by a plant-based diet for both men and women. So why are only 33% of vegans male? ‘Real Men Eat Plants’ is a campaign created by the vegan organisation ‘UpBeet’ to promote plant-based diets for all men, ages 35-55 in particular. Only 25% of all vegans are aged 35-44 and only 10% aged 45-54. Men of these age are beginning to think about their long-term health and ‘Real Men Eat Plants’ can help them with this. Because of the associations between femininity and veganism, and between meat and men, ‘Real Men Eat Plants’ wants to show that plant-based diets are for everyone. Usually, vegan campaigns for men focus on athletes or very specific types of ‘manly’ men. By playing on male stereotypes in a humorous and relatable way, ‘Real Men Eat Plants’ is able to attract all kinds of men and be more inclusive. The main reasons for men to go plant-based – health, the climate, and animal rights – are explored using simple infographics suggesting easy changes that men can make in their daily lives. By starting them off with an engaging and competitive seven day cooking challenge, ‘Real Men Eat Plants’ makes it as easy as possible for men to make the switch.

Dissertation title: Feminising Animals, Animalising Women: a critique of the use of the feminine image in the promotion of both animal products and animal rights.