Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire
On Show 2020
Sophie Quin

My graduate project is a short film called “I Like Chicken But I Don’t Like That”, and is about living, dying and (surprisingly) chickens.
Using experimental animation techniques, the film began with life drawn key poses – taken from sketchbook drawings of my own pet chickens. These created a base for each scene of animation and were digitally inbetweened and coloured. The backgrounds were painted to fit with the animation. Other scenes were created using acrylic paint on paper in order to achieve a fantastical style akin to a picture book, and to mark a divide between the tame and the wild, reality and imagination.
There was a focus on staying true to the essence of the chickens’ characters, while also telling a story. The narration, performed by Olwen Fouéré, gives a human perspective on the animals’ world.
During the process of making this film I gained experience as a filmmaker and animator. I have a special interest in drawing animals from observation. I work to capture a combination of anatomy and personality in order to create lively moving characters. My other interests are research and story development.