Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire
On Show 2020
Darragh Pyne

Darragh Pyne specialised in multi-camera directing and his final project was ‘Fearz’, a game show filmed in studio one and studio two of the National Film School. Fearz puts three contestants against each other to see who can face their own personal fears while trying to collect as many ‘Fear discs’ as possible. Whoever collects the least amount of discs is eliminated and the remaining two go head to head in ‘The Terror Zone’. ‘The Terror Zone’ is a frightening obstacle course which features snakes, a giant millipede and hissing cockroaches. The first one through ‘The Terror Zone’ wins one hundred euro.

This episode features Rodgey Rama, a Balbriggan native that broke Floyd Mayweathers ribs, face his fear of rats. We meet Brian Howard, a Tina Turner impersonator who has an irrational fear of fish. The final contestant is Rachel Duffy, a second year Maynooth student that has a phobia of clowns. Pre production for Fearz began in March 2019 when Max Barry signed onto the project as the shows producer more

It was around this time that the presenter came on board. By October, meetings were underway with the production designer, Rebekah Bustos who brought the whole set to life. The three contestants were also chosen in October. In December 2019 the VT’s were filmed. These were edited by Christmas. The show was shot in front of a live audience on March 12th 2020. This was the same day that the college was closed due to COVID-19. This gave the crew an hour and a half less to film the show and de-rig the studio. It was also the last day of college for all of the final year students involved