Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire
On Show 2020
Fionn Walshe

Fionn Walshe is a writing major and sound minor in the Class of 2020. Fionn co-wrote and produced the graduate film “This Town Still Talks About You”, directed by Matthew McGuigan and follows the lives of two brothers living on an island of the west coast.
Fionn also worked in the sound department of several projects this year including Sound Recordist and Sound Designer on “Disturbing Imagery”

“Disciple” is Fionn Walshe’s graduate project, a screenwriting major in Film and Television Production. “Disciple” is a feature film script. The script follows Aedan, who lives a perfect gay life. This life is ripped away and Aedan is forced to discover who he is outside of the parties, drugs, and the life he thought he was supposed to have.

The script deals with ideas of identity within the queer community and the pressures put on minorities to fill certain roles and achieve a certain standard. A standard that often crushes the very people it was supposed to help.