Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire
On Show 2020
Jamie Grant

This diorama tells the story of a famous military scientists attempt at saving his sons life. Tasked with creating a super serum to aid in the war, George King falls short of expectations. As an added incentive the soldiers plot to hold George’s son Jacob hostage until the serum is complete. Wise to this plot George takes Jacob and hides him in his test chamber meant for less valuable test subjects. Kissing him goodbye and pulling back over the tarp covering the chamber George closes the door. Jacob hears the soldiers entering and then gunshots shortly after. Hearing keys being pressed outside Jacob is confused then suddenly a bloody hand comes through the tarp and presses against the glass before vanishing. The chamber begins to fill with an oily liquid as everything goes dark.
Six months have passed and Jacob, now a monster wakes up. Confused and feeling trapped Jacob forces his way out of the chamber. The lab is overgrown and destroyed as Jacob slowly starts to remember what happened. Before leaving the lab Jacob sees a note from his father… Run.