Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire
On Show 2020
Lucrezia Gnagni

This professional project titled ‘Live Music Performance Through Dance’ investigates an innovative way of performing music live. The project studies the relationship between human gesture and music. Usually dancers are performers who dance to the music and follow a pre recorded or live song. The performance uses a Kinect camera that picks up the dancer’s moves and triggers audio clips that layered together make a song. The project shows how there is a possibility of interaction between dancers and music, making the dancer also the performer of the musical piece. The project helped understand how the choreography can be used as a compositional element. By considering movements and gestures as a visual cue for the audience, the performer can keep the audience interested and make the performance more enjoyable than an ordinary live music show. The performance demonstrates how dance is deeply connected with the music by providing the audience with intuitive visual-audio cues.