Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire
On Show 2020
Sam Donohoe

The Bird House is an ongoing body of work that is explores a discourse between myself and the experience of the everyday. It looks at multiple aspects of my life, including; my own personal identity, looking at the others around me and how they make their way through life. I chose to look at spaces that are close to me and what embodies those spaces. In my daily life, I go everywhere with my camera. I am largely democratic in my approach to subjects whether they are people or inanimate objects. My image making also relies largely on opportunity and chance, I never know when my next subject will come up. I am as much interested in the ordinary as I am in the intriguing. Through my photography I seek to understand what it means when I feel particular things. At a point in my life where I am constantly gaining new life experiences, I find it interesting to consider my own feelings and why I am feeling them, the subjects that I photograph are largely a response to my feelings and the world around me. The people and greater society around me also play an important role in the subjects I photograph, the nuances of everyday life are something that never ceases to intrigue me.