Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire
On Show 2020
Shauna Breslin

I became incredibly interested in the idea of seeing sound, being able to touch it and how I could incorporate that into world building, since I wanted to specialise in miniature modeling and dioramas.

My pre-COVID concept was an immersive and interactive experience where one would stand under a meter wide clear dome, with a UV psychedelic glowing world inside that would light up and play ambient sounds controlled by a small hand sided panel. But unfortunately all my supplies were locked in college with no way of accessing them. Although I was looking forward to starting my project, it was best I changed my idea so I could create something amazing while submitting for my final year. So I ordered my materials again and started sculpting away.

Here you will see a 2ft wide glass table with a sound reactive mountainous world placed on top. It is cast in clear resin, mixed with beautiful UV and glow in the dark pigments and also has glowing waves, waterfalls and lakes. There are LEDs that are sensitive to sound underneath, that not only light up this landscape, but also charge the glowing pigments inside the resin. So when this piece is in the dark it begins to glow different shades.
If you’re interested in my thought process, wips and behind the scenes content, please check out my online booklet!