Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire
On Show 2020
Andrew Burns

Blotch is a new to world skin health brand addressing the full picture when it comes to young people and skin problems. The current process is cold and clinical, leaving people feeling as though the emotional side to having acne isn’t real or important. Blotch combats this by offering acne medication alongside a community platform for support and conversation with the intention of making the overall process more comfortable. Blotch use their brand platform to campaign for more open conversation around skin problems and to remove stigma currently attached to acne. As a company, their main goal is to change the conversation around bad skin, empowering young people not to feel embarrassed.

To demonstrate this I designed a campaign initiative, a series of animated videos, a microsite and the Blotch product packaging. As a designer, I love to create character illustrations and I’m interested in the area of motion graphics, so for this project I focused on developing a set of animated characters which could be applied across the different outcomes. Dissertation title: Queer Patriotism: Alternative Miss Ireland 1987–2012