Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire
On Show 2020
Craig Gray

My major project was concerned with the commercial viability of recording studios in Dublin. In order to gain a firm understanding of the current state of the recording studio sector in the target area I interviewed engineers, producers, studio managers and owner-operators in their respective studios.

It has been discovered that the traditional model of recording bands is no longer financially viable in some cases. And in a realistic response to the contemporary market recording studios have adopted adaptive business models that enabled them to generate additional revenue streams. The most effective forms of industry specific advertising was highlighted in addition to how a studio can successfully provide adequate customer service that ensures a continuous increase in client base numbers. Evidence based comparisons were made between the varying degrees of importance a studio’s equipment and gear list plays in attracting new clients more

Moreover, the conclusions reached encompass what type of equipment draws the most attention from the perspectives of both customers and freelance engineers. Also given consideration were the psychological aspects of an engineer/producer’s job and the many factors involved in running a successful session, whilst simultaneously delivering the highest quality of customer service and end product. Studio rates and how they are reached were examined, in addition to the various ways a studio can use pricing to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Lastly, the study concluded what factors need to be in place if someone is to be potentially successful at running a recording studio in Dublin