Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire
On Show 2020
Niamh McArdle

As a result of the housing crisis in Ireland today, accommodation for students is in high demand. Rental laws are in place but are often not enforced, leaving landlords with lots of power and students with very little. Rental rights and education are not taught to students and are relatively invisible on college campuses.

The Student Society of Divine Dwellings is an organisation to educate and empower students in Ireland on their renting rights. Our sentiment is simple–knowledge is power. We believe that through legal literacy and fantastical foresight we can create divine dwellings for all students in Ireland. The Society releases a monthly publication covering any number of rental topics to educate students in a way that won’t send them into a three-hundred year slumber. The publication is sent out to colleges free of charge and students can pick up their copy on campus. The Student Society of Divine Dwellings makes rights and rental laws less intimidating and more engaging and provides students with relevant information in one place more

By understanding their rights and obligations as tenants, students can recognise when they are being exploited and make positive change to create joyful renting experiences, ensuring both tenants and landlords live happily ever after. Dissertation Title: Girlie Feminism and Social Activism: Ariana Grande and the Rise of the Political Celebrity