Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire
On Show 2020
Louise Byrne

Focusing on the body as a source of movement in relation to space, the main issue in my practice is recognizing the particular dance forms the body reacts with to a particular space and time, which relates a form of language.
I work with an expanded drawing practice. I recognize different points in space where my body reacts with. Both the words and movements I choreograph observe each other. The shapes I choreograph for a particular space are embodied through dance form, and I play with the relationship between the line which forms shapes for the movement and the body’s form in physical space to make the movement. The directions of movement my body embodies due to the line are a type of test which informs both the line, the limits of my body’s muscles to perform them and how the body reacts to the physical space in terms of the body in the interaction of the outside material and form.
This piece, Perturbation, is a duo video piece based on the spaces in which I have made a series of movement phrases in. I consider my body to be drawing in space the shapes which make up these phrases. The movement phrases and dialogue are a response to the space, coming from me as a human, in the combination of the physical and emotional response; within the time frame which I made the work, while in isolation. The title reflects a certain feeling of restlessness and comfort at the same time.