Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire
On Show 2020
Julien Torrades

My name is Julien Torrades and my major specialization was editing. This year I edited a short drama called. This year I have specialized in Avid Media Composer for this project. I have also focused a lot on creating a unique selection of sci-fi drama scripts and production packs as part of my support craft, directing.
‘This Town Still Talks About You’, is a short black and white drama set in a remote part of Cork on the island of Dursey. It is about two brothers avoiding the grief of their dead mother focusing on the themes of death, isolation, and brotherhood. It was an exciting project to undertake and overall a great learning experience. As part of my degree I have also completed my thesis, ‘The Aristotelian Theories of Peripeteia and Anagnorisis Applied to Cinema’, which focused on the recognition and reversal moments within complex tragedies. This was very applicable towards my major and support craft projects. I hope to research more about other dramaturgical theories that can help me create more complex and intriguing films. After I graduate, I will focus more on specializing in CGI and editing for video games.