On Show 2020
Naoise Woods

This Major Research Project sought to bridge the gap between psychological and environmental research by experimentally examining the impact of message framing on environmental behavior.

Abstract: There exist various techniques by which to communicate the increasingly pressing Global topic of Climate Change to the public. The between-subjects, mixed-methodological study at hand, experimentally examined the effect of two distinct message frames (Death-related, Empathic) on self-reported, environmental behavioural intentions. Environmental Identity was identified as a potentially confounding variable. Qualitative responses were gathered and analysed for thematic commonalities. Seventy-eight participants who took part in the experiment (47 Male, 31 Female), were aged 18-54 years old (M = 23, SD = 6.045). A one-way ANCOVA was conducted and no significant statistical difference was observed in the effect of the message frames. Environmental Identity was significantly related to pro-environmental behaviour F(1, 75) = 22.701,