Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire
On Show 2020
Melissa D’Agostini

Budgeting is one of the most essential life skills that anyone can have, yet when students begin their college lives, saving and managing money takes a back-seat. BUNDLE! understands that young adults want to spend their money to have fun, but we want to help you do so, smartly. BUNDLE! provides college students with a must-have money-saving app to help save, manage, and spend their money in a confident way. Unlike other saving apps, BUNDLE! has taken a different approach to savings. In-app we promote spending, while the user spends time-saving up for their desired item. We hope to reduce the aspect of impulse buying by users setting goals, and using their saved money on their BUNDLE! debit card.

Students are motivated to download the app through the ‘save to spend’ campaign promoted on college orientation week by providing students with information on BUNDLE! as well as ephemera. On social media, BUNDLE! uploads encouraging messages, promotes sponsored items, and posts students’ success stories more

BUNDLE! want to encourage students to upload posts of their achievements and to inspire their peers. Students who are interested in participating can view additional information and benefits on the BUNDLE! microsite, so that they too can decide to download the app and to save today, spend tomorrow. Areas of Interests: Visual identity, UI/UX, app design, motion graphics, and illustration. Dissertation Title: Online Influencers: Addiction, Dependency, and Gamification