Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire
On Show 2020
John Cooney

My name is John Cooney, I am a 22 year old screenwriter based in Dublin, and I have recently graduated from the National Film School in IADT. I have written, and consulted on the writing of, many films during my time at the NFS as part of my Screenwriting Major, demonstrating a particular aptitude for genre pieces, high-concept stories, animated films, and sitcom TV pilots.

For my main project, I wrote a feature length screenplay called Crucifix; “When aspiring gymnast, Oliver, gets accepted into an Olympic Bootcamp, the teenager must learn to live with his estranged brother if he has any chance of joining the Irish Team.”

This project was my first attempt at both a feature length screenplay, and a sports film. The story is deeply personal, drawing from much of my own experiences, but also demonstrates a largely lighthearted and playful tone. I personally believe that as a filmmaker, and a writer, it is my job to strive towards an Irish film catalogue that I can be proud of, and that can reach a global market as much as British and American cinema has.

My role in this is to construct, craft, and tell stories that are universally poignant, yet demonstrate a unique Irishness to them.

During my final year, I also co-wrote an animation grad film, Forever Friends. This was a collaboration with the film’s co-writer/director Cassandra Sierevogel, with whom I have written many scripts for animation. We are currently working on another short film script to be produced.

I Minored in Sound, designing the soundscape for the short film Post Love; a story revolving around three elderly women who rob post offices. As this was a screwball comedy, I was given free reign to design a sound that complimented the slapstick nature of the film and it’s jokes. I crafted my own sonic gags within the film, while also moulding a soundscape that immerses the audience.