Institute of Art Design + Technology
Dún Laoghaire
On Show 2020
Eamon Hughes

Producer of two short films, “Nymph” and “To All My Darlings”. Nymph: “When betrayal stalks their camping trip, three friends unwittingly conjure up the wild, elemental spirits of vengeful Nature, with horrifying consequences.” Nymph is a gore-filled crowd pleasing, mythical, animal attack film set in the wilds of rural Galway. “Nymph” channels the mythos of the Irish horse. Where human life is fleeting, creature vengeance abides. In a wild and uncanny landscape a bloodily visceral drama unfolds. And beyond Nature, beyond nurture, beyond nasty, Something is watching.

To All My Darlings: “Adaeze and Nonso, after a recent miscarriage, have to deal with the trauma and stigma within their Nigerian Irish community.” To All My Darlings is an honest and compelling drama focusing on the story of Adaeze, a young Nigerian woman living in Modern Ireland. Her issues with fertility represents more than just her story but the experiences and feelings of many others.